Letter to Lipstick

Dear Lipstick,

We love you so much! You come in all shades and hues and make our pout look positively kissable. We especially love how you make us feel. We feel bold and confident, yet pretty and playful. You’re ever so reliable giving us new colours for each season and occasion. We all adore you and yet so many shy away. Maybe we’re too nervous to admit that we don’t know how to put you to the best use. If you could help us we’d be beyond grateful.


E.L.L.E. (Every lipstick lover everywhere)


Juicy News


It’s a new year!!! Welcome to 2016 everyone. I’m excited to be posting for the first time this year and this is gonna be a juicy one, if I do say so myself. I recently did a 24 hour juice cleanse from Anti Vice juicery and it was awesome! Let me answer every question you’ve ever wanted to know about a liquid lunch…breakfast and dinner. (more…)